day 11


Origin: Ugly Duck Brewing, a brand under Indslev Bryggeri (Nr. Åby, Denmark)

Style: India Pale Ale @ 60 IBU’s

ABV: 7.5%

Notes: Brewer Martin Jensen created this beer to celebrate the joy and pleasure hops bring. “Hoppy! It makes you happy…”

Beer and Politics: While U.S. President Barack Obama was busy making home brews, Jensen and Edmonton, AB liquor store owner Jim Pettinger created Hans Across the Wateran Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter, in hopes it would bring the Canadian and Danish prime ministers together to resolve the Hans Island border conflict. In an open letter to the PM’s, Jensen and Pettinger express:

Hans Across The Water is a sterling example of how international co-operation is supposed to work. If we can get along, why not you?


“Make (Drink) Beer, Not War” – I like the sound of that. Jannik Hansen would approve.

P1030723 (2)


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