day 13

Golden Ale

Origin: Birrificio del Ducato (Roncole Verdi Di Busseto (PR), Italy)

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Notes: This beer is a part of Birrificio del Ducato’s Modern Line – focusing on style, character, and beauty.

Is the label, a knockoff of Hokusai’s famed woodblock print, “The Great Waves off Kanagawa“, suggesting that our senses will be swept away by this ale’s taste and aroma? Its description:

Leaving behind all those anonymous beers consumed by ordinary people, I wanted better, I deserved better. I surrendered to the taste of top quality malt and was conquered by the citrus aromas of exotic hops. She was the one and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Whoa… sounds a little too “over-the-top” for my liking.  I don’t usually refer to my beers as  She“.  Either Google Translate got carried away on them or E.L. James was their copywriter .

I’ll report later whether my palate “surrendered” to the onslaught of tastes and aromas when I open the beers at the “Advent After Party”.



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