day 14


Origin: Brauerei Hofstetten – Krammer (St. Martin, Austria)

Style: Zwickelbier

ABV: 5.3%

Notes: Retrieving beer was death-defying. Kübelbier literally translates to ‘bucket beer’ – which is how the beer was originally served back in the day. In order to drink fresh, unfiltered lager, men had to risk their lives. From beer description (Thanks again, Google Translate):

[In] the brewery cellar, thousands of liters of beer were in full ferment. And everyone who had ventured into the deep, to tap into a bucket would be killed in a dense cloud of carbon dioxide. But as courageous [as] fire brigade divers Franz Krammer started together with his comrades a legendary commitment to save the beer bucket. The divers threw themselves into full gear with tanks, respirator and goggles to each grabbed a bucket and disappeared into the abyss of a vacuum Hofstettner beer cellar. After an anxious quarter of an hour the heroes emerged with a real treasure in his hands again.


Despite The Hoff’s tremendous popularity in Germany and Austria, regrettably the brewery is not named after him. Here’s The Hoff singing his #1 hit at the Berlin Wall in 1989. The performance was also death-defying (especially at the 1:50 mark).



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