day 17

Hirter 1270

Origin: Brauerei Hirt (Micheldorf, Austria)

Style: Vienna Lager

ABV: 4.9%

Notes: This is 9th of 12 Austrian beers in this calendar. For all I know, these Austrian beers could taste amazing (I haven’t actually tasted any of them yet), but I wish there were a greater variety of beer from different countries in Europe. I heard Belgium makes great beer, too. (Tip for next year’s beer calendar makers, a couple of these would be greatly appreciated).

Anyway, 1270 is the year this brewery began making beer. Hirt started out as a taverna for traveling merchants and knights in the region.

A quick Google search of this beer reveals some “interesting” ad campaigns.  One has Olympian Franz Klammer “driving” a convertible with crates of beer in the back seat, unsecured. Beer is too precious to be doing such a reckless thing. An investment in one of these would be wise.



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