day 21

Rieder Helle Weisse

Origin: Brauerei Ried (Ried, Austria)

Style: Hefeweizen

ABV: 5%

Notes: The End is Here!! … not of the world, but of the Austrian beer offerings in the Advent calendar.


When life doesn’t give you barley and hops, make lemonade. The brewery started because a group of restaurateurs didn’t like what the local breweries were supplying. But brewing supplies were hard to come by during the later years of WWI, so they made soft drinks instead. Brauerei Ried didn’t start brewing beer until WWII ended.

Now that the non-apocalypse is out of the way, I look forward to opening the remaining three windows on the calendar. Not sure what will be behind them, but I know for certain they won’t be Austrian beers.



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