day 23


Origin: Birrificio del Ducato (Roncole Verdi Di Busseto (PR), Italy)

Style: Belgian Dark Ale

ABV: 8%

Notes: Today’s offering comes from the same brewery that produces the Golden Ale. Chimera belongs to the Classic Line, which focuses on “the search for balance, the journey, the discoveries, the illusions.” (uh…whatever that means).

Birrificio del Ducato is situated near Parma – the birth place of Parmigiano & Parma ham. Bonus points for its bottle design. It reminds me of a gorgeous, expensive bottle of balsamico or a lovely sculpture.

Not sure if Chimera is named after the Greek mythological monster. But its style is said to be inspired by Belgian Abbey ales, and has “the color of a friar’s robe.”


Here again is the brewer’s romantic description of his beer:

“To all those who still hold dreams and will never cease to search for the happiness they deserve”.

Today’s Chimera resembles those beers that awakened a lifelong fascination with the creation of this wonderful drink.

“It is like following an illusion we fell in love with a long time ago leaving us with the realization that when we pursue our dreams the immortality of spirit is found”.


“Deluded for a night, happy for life”


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